Dia dhuit

Welcome to my new blog where I will be jotting down my stories, opinions, whether it be about my student nursing experience in the UK, learning to cope with anxiety, travel entries, personal life dilemmas… basically I’ll writing about my random stories, thoughts and experiences. I love photography, so there will be the odd photo now and then.


An insight into what I like, well first off I’m someone that enjoys time by myself. It’s so important for a healthier mind and soul. I love listening to most genres of music. I tend to love the classics; 50’s-90’s music mostly. Today, I’m hooked to Elton John. Not really a fan of rap or most of the music that’s out nowadays. I play many instruments and sing and it’s part of my life bucket list, to learn as many instruments as as I can. Also, I have a great love for home decor!! If I had to choose another profession it would have been an interior decorator/ designer or a singer.


I’m someone that hates cooking! I prefer watching my fiancé do it while I clean. Cleaning for me is therapeutic and it makes me feel like I have some control in my life. I love the summer sunshine, but become claustrophobic from the heat. Winter is a special time for me as well with it being the time that I started dating my now fiancé. So even though it’s the coldest time of year in England, in December, for me it means having fond memories of my partner, lots of hot chocolates, Christmas movies, candles and twinkly lights everywhere. And not forgetting midnight walks in the stars. Back home in Ireland, because there are no city lights, being guided by the moonlight makes it that more special. Feeling like the starry night is a gift to me.


I am currently in my third and final year of my nursing course in the UK. I am originally from the West of Ireland, so it took me a few years to get used to living in the city and getting used to crowds. Even to this day they still make me anxious, being just over 5ft doesn’t help!


It’s taken me a long time to get where I am today with questioning myself if I wanted to continue with my nursing course, struggling with managing my anxiety, stress and body dismorphia. Letting go of friendships, and figuring out what groups of people are right for me.


So… there is a little insight into what makes me, me!

Kayla x

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