Life Update



It’s been a long time since I’ve posted something to this platform.

A LOT has happened! In short… got a golden retriever puppy named Lyra, finally got married (covid changed venues), started a new job as a Fertility Nurse, started my driving lessons and then back in March I got diagnosed with Bipolar 2 Disorder. So there’s been a fair share of ups and downs.

Covid was something that I did not see coming. It had put pause to my sign-off placement, gained a lot of weight that did not help my body dysmorphia. Started a newly qualified nurse position in a new city where I had no opportunity to make new friends. We had been made into a Covid ward where we would witness people dying from an uncertain virus all alone, without family and friends and we never could know for certain if we were in clear of the virus. Never knowing when this vaccine would finally come.

I get asked a lot about why it took so long for me to get my diagnosis. Answer being that I had to fight to get people (GPs) to listen to me. Right now I am in the process of trialling new medications. Nightmare yes but anyway that’s life! I also hope to talk a little on here about Bipolar 2, just to make people aware about it.

Recently I had a bit of a drawback with severe anxiety, hypomania and hopefully just bad side effects from my medication. I have figured out what triggers to look out for in order to work on not getting worse. I am currently waiting for new counselling sessions and am looking forward to learning a different type of therapy as I have tried many types of CBT and then narrative therapy.

My goals for the next coming months before 2022 finishes is to continue with being consistent in my workouts/ going to the gym, writing in my journal, doing more things by myself like going to the beach alone, doing more yoga, reading in cafes by myself, doing more driving lessons and looking for my first car. I do hope to document more on here as I’ve missed writing blogs and having a digital diary.

Bye for now (hopefully won’t be another year till I’m on here next 😀 )

Michaela x

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