Nursing Studies

Well this is my first post about my nursing degree in University. And fortunately I am coming to the end of my training, as it’s been a difficult and very long journey.

From the beginning, it didn’t seem as hard, between making friends and completing assignments, however, from the end of my first year I realised that my housemates thought it strange that I preferred my own company. And that I wasn’t crazy for going out. Of course there is nothing whatsoever wrong about that, I just always knew that I was good for going against peer pressure and most people were not used to it. Always be yourself!

I have learnt so much about myself though each of my placements. I have had a vascular surgical ward, a GP placement, theatres, the dialysis unit, a dementia ward, district nursing and now I am on a urology ward as my final, sign-off placement.

I have learnt different skills from each of the placements and have learnt a lot about team dynamics. As a student nurse it is vital for us to learn how to lead and delegate to our team. At the end of the day, it is about how much good came from helping patients. Touch wood, I haven’t come home from my current placement thinking, “Well that was an awful day!”. I chose this career because it’s in my DNA, that I love caring for people. In my everyday life at home, I tend to make sure my partner is content and has everything he needs. It’s a habit and with nursing I love making sure people have what they need. I’m a great listener! I love learning new clinical skills and feeling accomplished when having become competent in them. I love feeling proud at the end of the day, being able to multitask tasks and being there for colleagues and family members.

Why I wanted to become a Nurse? – Well, as previously stated, I am someone that loves caring for others, but also I grew up with nurses in my family. I had a very ill grandfather at home, and my grandmother was perhaps the most dedicated, nurse to my eyes (because to me, it is a way of life and only a skill that certain people can have) that would take care of him. She was a wife, grandmother and carer. And even from going through several illnesses herself, such as cancer, she never stopped! I have seen a lot of nurses and she was by far the best, most kind, dedicated, patient woman there was.

I will be posting a few different posts about my student nursing experience for other students or newly qualified nurses out there, or for anyone that is interested in what happens in a nursing role.

My future student nursing topics :-

  • balancing your lifestyle, placement and uni work.
  • the emotions that a student nurse goes through.
  • how to be prepared for a new placement.
  • what meals I tend to eat as a student nurse on placement.
  • what I have learnt about different team dynamics and how to approach them.

Who knows, more ideas may come to me over the next few weeks.

If anyone has any questions or any stories about their nursing journeys, please feel free to leave a reply or a tweet 🙂

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