2020 New Year’s Resolution


I imagine everyone has seen dozens of these types of posts, so I thought I’d like to add one myself. I love reading what people’s hopes and aspirations are for the new year. It’s a nice way in getting to know them. Last year I didn’t bother with making goals as I wasn’t in the right mindset. Mental health and all that! Even with having difficult days with my anxiety, I decided this year that I did not wish to have another year like 2019. It was perhaps one of the worst years when it comes to me accomplishing anything.

I’ve had time to reflect and see that with working with CBT, getting myself a nursing job all prepared for after I finish my degree, as well as myself and my fiancé choosing our wedding venue. So from all of this, these were big accomplishments, but with all my negative thoughts I couldn’t see that.

Anyway, moving on……

My New Year’s Resolutions, aspirations, goals, aims….

  • Improving my mental health – being more organised with taking my medication (especially with having different shift times in the hospital, it’s difficult to stick to the same time with taking my meds), using my light box more often, trying out new ways in enjoying exercise.
  • Meditate more – I would love to have a better posture this year, as already, from the age of 26 I am having to go for physio for my back! Like— really?
  • Drink more water – I definitely do not drink enough water, especially when working on a ward.
  • Read more – I did read more last year compared to 2018, however 2020 is the year I want to find myself reading more rather than watching the television.
  • Being more truthful with myself – I’ve always been someone to have no regrets when it comes to distancing myself from people, or stopping a certain hobby etc, I just mean I’ve always done what is right for me. What is best for me. However, I need to open my eyes to what else could be done. For ex; I need to be more aware of my mood swings around people and to be careful of what I say.
  • Learning to love food again and eating in regular intervals – To most people I’m known as someone that doesn’t like cooking. Even to this day I am going through an eating disorder, and at this stage I do not have the energy to exercise. And for me I like exercising, it’s a great way in letting out my emotions. So, in order to do that I need to learn a new way in loving food again and the process of cooking. Most of the time I choose sleep to food. So breakfast can be easily skipped at times.
  • Getting started on my driving lessons – this one is a big fear that I have, in driving a car. I would really love to be able to drive though and eventually get my licence. Even though I will be living in Newcastle come Spring/ Summer, I would love to be able to rely on myself in driving around in Ireland, in my home country. Being able to meet up with friends and travel to all of my favourite places. Where my parents live, it’s in the middle of nowhere, so it’s difficult to get a bus, or it’s too expensive to get a taxi. Usually I would have to rely on my parents, but then again they work.
  • To spend more days at the seaside – I would love to be able to spend more days, swimming in the sea, feeling exhilarated after the fresh air.

So, hopefully in 2020 I will have achieved some of these goals. I want the next decade to be about making the most of my 20’s and 30’s.

Happy New Year everyone!!!

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